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Table 1 gives the age and sex distribution of patients treated with each antihistamine.The demographics of each cohort were roughly similar.A higher proportion of women than men were prescribed antihistamines, and younger people were more likely to receive the drugs than elderly people.Figure 1 shows the most frequently reported events for loratadine in the first month of treatment and corresponding values for the other antihistamines.

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The data collection periods for the four drugs were May to August 1989 for cetirizine and loratadine, May 1989 to September 1990 for acrivastine, and March to August 1997 for fexofenadine.

The response rates (number of green forms returned/number of green form sent) were 50.7% for loratadine, 50.9% for fexofenadine, 56.5% for acrivastine, and 57.4% for cetirizine.

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