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Well, I decided to make the list a public one instead!Around 1,000 Twitter Property People are here full of …There was fun and romance and excitement and thrills, and I couldn't get there," she remembers.She remains proud of her modest upbringing and ashamed of the only time she denied it – at a grand dinner aboard a ship in Singapore.Her mother had worked as a cleaner in university student digs.When someone present asked Ayres where she was from, her name, and finally whether her mother had been a cleaner, she said no."I felt as if I'd been chucked aside."After her performance of "Pam Ayres and the Embarrassing Experience with the Parrot" triumphed on the talent show in 1975, ITV's Michael Grade gave her a "staggering" three-year contract to create a series of 45-minute shows. "I knew I'd only succeed if I was doing my own stuff, but I couldn't do it so they brought in all these tired old writers who did stuff supposed to be 'in my style'.

While never hungry and always shod, she says that she and her five brothers and sisters, who grew up in a council home, never had much.

She'd won Opportunity Knocks – the Britain's Got Talent of its day – at the age of 27, had her own prime-time television show and was a household name.

Pam Ayres's 15 minutes of fame had stretched to five years and then it seemed to be over as quickly as it had started. "I'd been chewed up and spat out, but I felt as if I hadn't even started," she says.

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