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You Tube has been the reason for so many of the best moments in my life so far.

I’ve met so many amazing people that when I really stop to think about it… There are so many things that viewers don’t always see about You Tube content creators.

I let the Sims have their free-will and very rarely control them unless it is challenge time or something else important. It is always really fun to rewatch what happened when I am in the editing process.

Kelly was born on November 18, 1989 and currently lives with her boyfriend, Alex, and their two cats named Nom Popp and Cat7thst in Chicago, Illinois. Nothing much is known about KPopp since she hasn't mentioned anything and also hasn't done a "Draw My Life" video.

A lot of people want to point fingers and call some people fake or in it for the wrong reasons, but I’m very lucky.

I think people can tell that I am a genuinely good person.

Kelly never specified what happened next, as she continued playing the game.

In 2011, She met Alexander in Georgia, United States as revealed in Alex's "Draw My Life" video.

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